Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Purpose of this Project

I don't advertize it all that much, but I, Anya McNaughton, may be the biggest Spyro* fan of all time. Hey, I might not. But I don't think it's such a stretch to say it's a possibility.

I have deducted this through the following:

- After finishing the game 100%, I got enough joy simply by being immersed in the world without any goals. I played so much, I know all three games off by heart, and can recite all the sound effects/voice acting from start to finish.

- If someone asked me what fictional universe I'd like to visit, it would be a realistically revamped Spyro Universe.

And that got me thinking - what would a Spyro world need to be, in order for it to be realistic? On the off chance that genies actually exist, I'm going to work it out so I can show them the exact specifications.


One thing I want to get out of this is the most accurate map possible for the original Spyro universe. (That is, The Dragon Worlds, Avalar, and the Forgotten Worlds.)

Simply being a map of the world isn't enough. The world will need to be geographically and biologically feasible, and, work within the confines of the laws the games have already established. I will take minimal liberty, and try to create the world exactly as the in-game levels invision it.

I don't know why I'm doing this. Wish me luck.

*Insomniac only

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